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The Adelia Iváñez Jams

In Turronería Adelia Iváñez love nature because it gives us the essential raw materials for the manufacture of our products. And the fruit deserves a special section, so we retain to enjoy it throughout the year. The good thing lasts over time; good recipes too. They say that the Greeks and baked fruit with sugar, honey, lemon juice … making them a sweet delicacy. The fundamental premise, to this day, remains the same: a careful selection of the best fruit at the right ripeness, so that its sweetness, texture, color and flavor are adequate. And … long, loving, care and dedication. jams still life Traditionally jam on bread, crackers was taken … for breakfast, snacks. But today its use has expanded: in haute cuisine, elaborations of pastries, confectionery and your houses and kitchens, for infinite combinations. So, we are still working and you just have to enjoy and give free rein to the imagination!